Registrar Membership

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(A Membership Account in no way represents endorsement by Jisc of any named organisation)

List of Registrars

Commercial ISPs in the UK may apply for a Registrar Membership Account with Jisc. Eligible organisations are generally ISPs and Webhosting/Webdesign companies, who will find the scheme appropriate when applying for multiple domain names or modifications for their customers. Thus, applicants should be seeking to register either new domain names or to make modifications to DNS entries for already existing domain names under or There is no charge to join our Registrar Membership Account although membership is at Jisc's sole discretion.

Janet Customers may also apply to have an Approved Registrar Membership Account, if they anticipate that they will be regularly submitting new requests for registration.

Unfortunately, Jisc Registrar Applications are currently NOT open. 

Jisc will process your application and, if successful, advise you of your Membership Account Number. The Membership Account Number must be quoted on all correspondence to Jisc concerning the Domain Name Service.

Members of the Registrar Membership Account will be charged only for those new name registrations processed and accepted within that given monthly period, together with any renewals confirmed with the given period, and for any modification requests actioned for domain names registered prior to 1 April 1999.

It is the responsibility of the member Registrar to ensure that they provide Jisc with up-to-date contact information. Failure to do so could result in delays being incurred for subsequent delegation requests.

Organisations joining the Registrar Membership Account thereby agree to accept the Terms & Conditions and the responsibility to pay any Jisc invoices in a timely manner. If a Registrar fails to pay an invoice within three months Jisc reserves the right to remove the DNS entries for their customers for which no payment has been received. The consequence to the Registrar's customers is that they will lose their DNS entry and thereby their email and web access through this address.

Jisc reserves the right to amend the terms of the Registrar Membership Account without prior agreement with each individual Registrar registered in the Scheme.

Naming Service portal

The DNS portal allows registrar organisations to manage all of the domains that are on their registrar account.

It makes it possible to view domain name renewals, modify and make applications for new and domain names on behalf of your customers.

Please let us know if you would like us to set you up with this service for your organisation.  Please provide a list with the individuals' contact details in order that we can set them up with an account.

Data Protection

When organisations send a completed template to Jisc to join the Registrar Membership Account, they should be aware that they are making an offer to form a contract for their account. The contract will be formed when Jisc accepts the submitted template. Organisations should ensure that they have the consent of all people whose personal data is provided to Jisc. Jisc has a data protection statement for domain names.