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These guidelines apply to all new requests for registration within the domain.

Names may be registered in the domain provided that the resource owner has a permanent physical presence in the UK, and the resource’s primary function satisfies the following criteria:

1. Approval by the acknowledged NEN-content approving body.

The Content Access Registy (CAR) Task Group is currently performing this function. This is regarded as an interim arrangement, prior to the establishment of a formal NEN Content Management Group and related procedures.

To be awarded a domain a resource should be:

  • Of acknowledged educational value and quality;
  • national in focus, i.e. the resource is of relevance/benefit to the majority of the NEN user  community.

Resources will also need to address the additional elements (interoperability, licensing) set out in Becta’s paper "Towards a content hosting and delivery strategy for the NEN".

2. Delivery via the NEN

The domain should be used to denote resources that are available via and delivered to connected institutions via the NEN. However it should be noted that resources within the domain may also need to be available outside the NEN via the Internet to provide access from elsewhere, particularly to home users

If insufficient information is supplied with an initial application for a domain name then it is highly probable that the requested name will be rejected by the Naming Committee. Applications should provide clear information detailing how the status of the resource for which the domain name is requested qualifies it for registration in the domain.

Rules for the choice of a domain name:

An organisation may take out a name within the domain space as it wishes, subject to the following rules:

  1. A request will not be allowed if it is for a name that is either one or two characters in length;
  2. The requested name must, in Becta's opinion, be representative of the resource for which the name has been requested, or otherwise a detailed explanation is required. The requested name must also be unlikely to present a substantial risk of confusion with other similarly named organisations or activities already registered under;
  3. Unless a project or service is of wide relevance to the community it will not be considered for inclusion in the domain. The project must be of at least 2 year's duration;
  4. Generic domain names, which could be applicable to a number of eligible sites, must provide evidence that they have the backing and approval from the majority of relevant members of the NEN community, in order to be permitted to have that generic domain name.

Subject to these constraints, names will be approved on a "first come, first served" basis.

Should these rules be revised at a later date, existing registrations will remain valid even if they would otherwise fall outside the revised rules. These names are regarded as exceptional, and should not be regarded as setting a precedent. 

Additional Information:

If a name is allocated as a result of misrepresentation on the part of the requester or its principal, Janet reserves the right to withdraw the allocated name. In such a circumstance there will be no compensation for costs (direct or indirect) incurred by the organisation as a result of the need to rename.

The acceptance of a name is conditional on that name being used specifically and exclusively for the organisation on whose behalf it is registered. The Committee expect that the use of an approved name will lead directly to the homepage (or “under construction” trailer) for that organisation and not to that of its ISP or any other organisation. Abuse of this principle will result in the name being withdrawn.

Organisations should not print a domain name on any stationery or publications until they have received formal notification that the name has been approved. An appeal against rejection may not be made on the grounds that the requested name has already been published.