Modify DNS entries

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Submitting requests:

All modification requests must be submitted by an organisation that has an Approved Registrar Membership Account with Janet unless the modification request is being submitted by an organisation that is currently connected to the Janet Network.

Janet Customers

All modification requests from Janet sites must be submitted by the Computer Centre, or equivalent for that site. There is currently no charge for modifications made whilst the specific domain name is delegated to nameservers currently on Janet.

Commercial Registrars

  1. All requests to modify Registrar/nameserver details, and other relevant information, relating to an existing DNS entry, must be initiated by the Approved Registrar who will be providing Internet access to the organisation owning the domain name.
  2. Modifications must be submitted via the DRS Portal. Please contact the support team if you do not have access
  3. where a request is being made for an organisation to change Registrar, the organisation that owns the domain name must send a confirmatory letter, on headed notepaper, to Jisc in support of the change. The confirmatory letter should be emailed to The new Approved Registrar will be notified by e-mail once the modification action is complete. Approximately 48 hours should be allowed for action of modification requests. This is dependent upon all information having been received by Jisc in the correct format. It is the domain owner's responsibility to advise their former Registrar of their intentions.

Please note: It is requested that Registrars do not submit modification requests until they are ready for them to be actioned. Due to the volume of requests we receive it is not possible for us to guarantee specific dates for transferral.

Please note: We will accept only 10 requests per day to modify domain names from individual Registrars. More than one domain name can be input into a modification template, provided all the details are the same, but the number of domain names contained within one email will count towards the total of 10. Any requests exceeding this limitation will be rejected and must be resubmitted by the individual Registrar appropriately on subsequent days. The reason for this limitation is due to the amount of manual interaction required for each modification request. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to action any more modification requests per day than this quota.