Jisc Community Terms and Conditions

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Version: 3

Issued: June 2019

Reference: IM-DOC-004

Author: G. Kett

Last Reviewed Date: 12/09/2023

The Jisc Community site is a way to get expert answers to your questions and queries regarding Jisc products or in the areas that the company works in. It is also an opportunity for you to engage and collaborate with your peers and experts in the field and areas that they are passionate about.

User Accounts

We store the personal information that you give us so that you can access the community sites and your services and products, if you chose to link this information together. 

You can update or delete your information as you or your organisation require. Any relevant Jisc systems will be informed of the change. Your information will only be shared with a third-party if they are subcontracted to provide a specific Jisc service that you subscribe to. If necessary, the information will be passed onto the police or law enforcement authorities.  Otherwise we will not share your data with third parties. 

If you delete your Community account, we will keep the details for four weeks before deleting them. This is just in case a mistake has been made and the account needs to be recreated. After this, the account will be removed. You will need to delete your information for each product or service if your information is stored by them.

Jisc asks that you treat the site with respect. We do not tolerate bad language, abusive behaviour, personal attacks, or any of the activities prohibited by the existing Jisc Acceptable Use Policy. If you come across any occurrences of this, please contact Jisc via help@jisc.ac.uk. Jisc reserves the right to block a user account if that account is not being used in accordance with these principles.

User Login

You can log in either with a Federated account or by registering on the Community site.

If you link the two accounts together, you will need to login with your Federated account. If you do not, we will assume that you are no longer with the organisation and disable the link.

You can always re-enable the link by logging in with your Federated account and re-associating the link.

User Generated Data

The Community website allows users to create content on the website, including articles, comments, wiki pages, questions, replies and ideas. This content will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence (CC BY-SA 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).

If you are referring to a piece of Jisc Community content from outside of the community (from another forum or blog, for example), you must:

  • link back to the original piece of content used,
  • include a link to the author’s profile page, and
  • not include a ‘nofollow’ tag.

From time to time, Jisc may collect and aggregate the user content to develop products and services and monitor issues. Personal information will not be collected or used and the content will be anonymised. This content will only be shared with third parties if they are sub-contracted to deliver relevant Jisc products or services.

Any advice is offered on the site is on an “as is” basis and should be tested or compared before use in your situation. Jisc does not endorse this advice at all.

Jisc Copyright

Jisc owns any content that has not been created by a user.

This content is copyright Jisc. Parts of it, as appropriate, may be freely copied and incorporated unaltered into another document unless produced for commercial gain, subject to the source being appropriately acknowledged and the copyright preserved. The reproduction of logos without permission is expressly forbidden. Permission should be sought from Jisc, help@jisc.ac.uk

Direct Marketing

You can opt-in to receive, or opt-out of receiving, more information about Jisc products and services by contacting help@jisc.ac.uk.

If you fulfil certain roles at your organisation, you will be required to have some information sent to you as a function of the service or role. Please contact us at help@jisc.ac.uk if you have any queries.


The Community website uses cookies to serve some content. These can be refused but if you do so this may prevent parts of the site from working. Please see the Jisc cookies table for further details of how cookies are used and what cookies are set.


Jisc may change these terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes will be made on this page. Notifications will appear on this site to inform you that these terms and conditions have changed