Data protection

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Registrars, their customers, and Jisc Customers should be aware that the information supplied for registering domain names under and will be held and processed in Jisc's databases. It will be made available as a matter of public record by electronic enquiries made to Jisc and its whois servers. Jisc will also make this information available to other organisations and their legal advisers for the purpose of ascertaining the registrants of domain names. Such disclosure will be made only after checks on the bona fides of the enquirers have taken place.

Applications for a domain name registration may be submitted by Registrars on behalf of their customers. In such circumstances, the Registrar is deemed to be an agent and warrant that they have authority from their customer to submit the application and enter into a contract with Jisc.

All applicants for membership accounts or new domain registrations must have the consent of all people whose personal data is provided to Jisc. This data may be made available to the public over the Internet via the WHOIS server. Jisc may also disclose it to anyone who requests contact details for any domain name registered with the company.

Jisc's records will include the names and contact details of both the Administrative Contact and the Technical Contact for each registered domain name. This information (if it refers to individuals) is 'personal data' for the purposes of data protection legislation. Jisc will maintain and process this data for the purpose of managing and administering the registration of domain names. Jisc will not enter into a contract for the registration of a chosen Domain Name unless applicants are aware of and agree to this condition.

Commercial enterprises in general, the legal profession and the Internet industry do not approve of the illegal appropriation of Domain Names by those who have no rights to them.