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Here you can narrow down the list of domains on show, by filtering by the status of the domain, or search for a specific domain.

Request Domain

ISP Organisation

Choose which ISP organisation or account this domain will be maintained by.

Domain Prefix

The domain name without the suffix (eg .ac.uk, or .gov.uk)

Domain Suffix

Choose the domain suffic you are applying for, either .ac.uk or .gov.uk.


This is used to explain acronyms or the domain will represent.

Owner Organisation

Who the owner of the domain will be – this will never be an ISP.


Please list here how the domain or owner of the domain fits within the criteria of .ac.uk or .gov.uk requests. The information provided should include details of funding, the primary objectives and status of the requesting organisation as well as the level of courses provided, or in the case of projects, the longevity of confirmed funding.
The guidelines can be found here:


The name or job title of the person within the domain owner organisation that is responsible for the registration. This information will be made public within a whois lookup.

Registrant Address

Please don’t include the owner organisation in the address.

Name servers

Please enter the name server name and IP address that will serve the domain. The name servers must belong to the ISP organisation, or the domain owner.


Either paste or upload the encryption DSKey for secure name server transactions.

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