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Submitting requests:

You should satisfy yourself that your request meets the policy for registering and running domains on and available at

Public sector organisations seeking a domain name and their Registrars must ensure that approval is secured from the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee before using a domain name. Jisc and the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee will not be responsible for any costs incurred by failing to follow this process.

All requests must be submitted by an Approved Registrar unless the domain name request is being submitted by an organisation that is currently connected to the Janet network.

Please note: All form requests for new domain names must contain descriptive information of how the domain name and the organisation seeking to use it fit the eligibility criteria. This will greatly speed up the process of obtaining a new domain name.

  1. If the organisation seeking the new domain name fits the eligibility criteria, then an Approved Registrar may submit the request via the online form.
  2. For any name submitted there are two possible outcomes:
    Accepted. This will mean that there is no objection to the name from the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee and a positive acknowledgement will be returned to the ISP submitting the request.
    Rejected. This will mean that the domain name is not acceptable to the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee. The reason for this would include one or more of the following:
    • insufficient information supplied;
    • request does not fit into the domain's eligibility criteria;
    • form not in plain text;
    • frivolous or time-wasting requests.

Usually there will be no charge for a request that produces a rejected outcome. However, Jisc reserves the right to make a charge for frivolous, time-wasting or other requests which impose an undue use of resources to deal with.

  1. The target turnaround time for requests is fourteen working days from Jisc’s receipt of the form. All new requests for domain names will be acknowledged and allocated a ticket reference number upon input into our System. Within approximately fourteen working days a message will be sent to the Registrar advising as to whether the domain name has been Accepted or Rejected by the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee.
  2. Once payment has been made, in the case of Jisc Customers, or the account of the Registrar has been charged, Accepted domain names will be put forward for delegation in the DNS. Designated nameservers must be correctly configured to take the new name, preferably at the point when the initial submission of the form requesting the new domain name is effected. Failure to correctly configure the designated nameservers will not prevent delegation in the DNS from Jisc's point of view.
  3. In the case of a Rejected outcome any subsequent domain name requests for the same end user will be treated as a new request. Therefore a further fourteen working days should be allowed for a response from the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee. A new form should be completed and submitted to the appropriate mailing list, containing any corrected details or extra information, as necessary, in order for the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee to review.
  4. Each registration lasts for a period of two years from the initial date of the domain name's acceptance by the Welsh Naming and Approvals Committee. From this date the designated Approved Registrar will be invoiced for the domain name's maintenance charge.