Payments and charges

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All organisations applying either for a new domain name, or modification, in the domain must have an Approved Registrar Membership Account with Jisc, unless they are connected to the Janet network. There is no charge for organisations having an Approved Registrar Membership Account. However, this facility is generally only available to organisations who anticipate that they will be submitting a number of domain name requests through Jisc.

Jisc Customers

Charges for New Name Requests

Jisc members who require a new domain name there is a charge of £100 plus VAT. Any subsequent domain names are required the standard charge of £100 plus VAT (at current rate) applies. However, they will not be charged any ongoing maintenance charges, as long as they remain connected to the Janet Network. If they require subsequent domain names under any other domain under .uk, then the charge for registering them via Jisc is £100 plus VAT (at current rate) per annum. Jisc will not undertake to register domain names administered outside of the UK.

Maintenance/Modification Charges

Jisc customers will not be charged the maintenance fee for keeping their registrations in the DNS, as long as they remain connected to the Janet Network. They will also not be charged for any modifications to their DNS entries, provided the changes made keep the domain name within the Janet Network.

Commercial Registrars

Charges for New Name Requests:

The charge for the creation of a new domain name is £100 plus VAT (at current rate). This includes the first two years' maintenance charge, which covers all reasonable changes to delegation of the zone associated with the name. A maintenance charge of £50 plus VAT (at current rate) must then be paid two years from the date that the name was originally accepted by the Naming Committee, and every two years thereafter. The ISP holding the domain name on their nameservers will be invoiced at that time. It is therefore a requirement that the template for new name requests comes from the newly designated Approved Registrar, since it will be this organisation which will be invoiced for the maintenance charge after two years.

Maintenance/Modification Charges:

See Modifying DNS Entries for and Domains: Payment and Charges


If a Registrar fails to pay an invoice within two months Jisc reserves the right to remove the DNS entries for their customers for which no payment has been received. The consequence to the Registrar's customers is that they will lose their DNS entry and thereby their email and web access through this address.