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ac.uk requests - It is preferred that all requests are made through the Domain Registry Service Portal. Requests for access to the Domain Registry Service Portal can be submitted to domains@jisc.ac.uk

Alternatively, registrars can submit manual requests via email to domains@jisc.ac.uk using the ac.uk request template.

Example application


Name: businessuniversity.ac.uk

Representing: Business University Ltd

Owner Organisation

Enter Information about the organisation that will own the domain

  • Organisation Name: Business University
  • Are you a registered organisation? (e.g. Company House, OFS) They are registered for HEFCE, of which their number is 1234567870
  • What is the role and objective of this organisation? Provider of a for-profit provider of higher education, including undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • What qualifications do you offer? Undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Does your organisation already own an ac.uk domain name? No

Eligibility of Organisation

  • Specify which of the criteria (a) to (r) of section 3 of the ac.uk eligibility policy that you meet. If you are unsure of which one you meet, please provide evidence e.g., level of education provided. 3A – Organisations recognised as having degree awarding powers in the UK


How is your organisation funded? Please provide evidence (if applicable) HEFCE and fees from students.

Purpose of Domain/Project

  • What do you want the domain for? Including primary purposes and planned content (In line with your organisation name, project). We require the domain name to host our university website and allow students and perspective students to access our details.
  • What is the intended audience? Students and internal staff.
  • Is this domain for a project? If yes, what is the duration of the project and the longevity of confirmed funding. No

Registrant Contact

Enter registrant information from the owner organisation. This will be publicised in the public whois records available here.

By providing these details, you give consent for the above registrant data to appear in public whois records.

Admin and Technical Contact


Enter your Name Server information. We require a Primary and at least one Secondary. You will only be able to use Janet Primary or Secondary Nameservers if the registrant or registrar is a Janet-connected Customer (Jisc Member). If you wish to find out if you are eligible to use the Janet Primary Nameservers please click here.

nserver name & ip address: ns1.exampleregistrar.dns

nserver name & ip address: ns2.exampleregistrar.dns

DS Keys

Please leave blank if you do not use DNSSEC. Further information on DNSSEC is available here.

Paste the DS key(s) you wish to use on your domain below: