request template

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This is the template for requests. It is requested that all requests are made through the Domain Registry Service Portal. This template can be used as a guide for registrars when requesting information for applications. If you are with Jisc as Registrar, then you can forward this template to for us to process.

Applicant’s Details

The applicant’s details must be the details of the person submitting the request:

First Name:


Job Title:


Domain Name Details

Requested Domain Name:

What does the domain name represent:

Organisation Owning the Domain Name
Which organisation will own the proposed domain:
Which of the following best describes your organisation:
Limited Company
Central Government Department
Central Government Executive Agency
Central Government Non-Departmental Public Body
Local Government County Council
Local Government Town Council
Local Government Parish Council
Other Local Government Council
Voluntary Sector
Other Public Sector Body
If Other, please Specify
What is the role and objective of the organisation:
What is the status of the staff?
Civil Servants
Local Government Officials
If other, please Specify
What is the source of funding?
Central Taxation
Council Tax
If other, please Specify
To WHOM is the organisation accountable? E.G The Secretary of State for:
What is the purpose of the domain name? 
Campaign website
Educational website
Information website
Transactional website
Page redirects
Other purpose, please specify
Please give further details of the primary purpose and planned content for the proposed domain name.
Who is the intended audience? Required for all purposes except for email and redirects.
What is the role of the contact within the organisation?
Does your organisation, department or local authority already own a domain name? If yes, please enter the domain name.

Registrant Details

Enter registrant information from the owner organisation. This will be publicised in the public Whois records available here. It can be a role within an organisation.


Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Address Line 3







By completing this form, you give consent for the above registrant data to appear in a public Whois record. If you require alternative registrant details for the public Whois, please send us another set of registrant details separate to the above. 


Please state the nameservers and IP addresses that will be used for this domain name:

DS Key

Please leave blank if you do not use DNSSEC. Further information on DNSSEC is available here