Transition to Nominet

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The name space will be migrating to Nominet on 26th June 2024. 

As of 12:30pm on 14th June 2024, Jisc will no longer accept new domain name applications. 

The Cabinet Office will begin processing new applications from 12pm on 17th June 2024. However, any approved domains under this new application process will not be issued until after the transition happens on 26th June 2024.  

From 12:30pm on Friday 21st June 2024, the entire name space will enter into a change freeze. This means Jisc will not process any modifications, renewals, deletions, or transfers after this point. With the exception of emergency events.

To request an emergency change after 12:30pm on Friday 21st June 2024, you will need to contact, who will review your request in conjunction with the Cabinet Office. 

From Wednesday 26th June 2024, at 3pm, the transition to Nominet is expected to be finalisedPlease contact  or  for support after this point.  

Key Dates, Migration Acivitites and how they will impact you:

  • Friday 14th June, at 12.30pm: Jisc will cease accepting new domain name registrations. Contact for support
  • Monday 17th June, from 12pm: CDDO will start accepting new domain name registrations via their new Get approval to use a domain name service
  • Friday 21st June, at 12.30pm: Jisc will suspend processing any modifications, renewals, deletions, or transfers unless in the event of an emergency. Contact or support
  • Wednesday 26th June, at 10am: The transition to Nominet will be finalised. Contact and for support. 

For more information, please refer to Nominet: