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Vscene is the replacement for the Janet Videoconferencing Booking Service which has been completely redesigned to better meet the needs of our community in the 21st century.

The interface has been created to be person centric instead of being based around booking rooms, so users can be linked to systems (both hardware and software) and can even use a new desktop client to join sessions from a browser on a PC, Mac, or Linux based computer.

We have also introduced the concept of permanent meeting rooms when users can create a virtual room which can be connected to at any time in a variety of ways (more details to follow).

Register or login now at www.Vscene.jisc.ac.uk

We have created the following short video tutorials to assist users transition to the new system.

How to:

1. Register/Sign up to Vscene

2. Launch/Schedule a conference

3. Add a videoconference system

4. Manage a (live) conference

5. Record / stream a conference

6. Use a meeting room

A selection of help documents are available, https://community.ja.net/groups/v-scene/document/how-register-v-scene and https://community.ja.net/groups/v-scene/document/how-launch-and-schedule-v-scene-0

There are also FAQ https://community.ja.net/questions/video-technology

Ports, IP's and Firewall information for the service can now be found here.

Please email any inquiries for further information to videotechnicaladvisoryservice@jisc.ac.uk

Other information:

Eligibity criteria

Login options