Janet Network Charges

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A Network Charge is levied upon each higher education institution (HEI) which receives a connection to Janet funded by the JISC. The basis for this charge is a requirement from the Higher Education Funding Councils that a certain proportion of the overall budget for Janet is collected from HEI recipients of Janet connections.

The Network Charge is apportioned between individual HEIs pro rata to their individual total incomes, as audited and reported to HESA, and is set on an AY basis. The most recent figures available are used; in practice this means that Network Charges for any given AY are set using the audited incomes for the previous AY but one. For example, the Network Charge for AY 2009-2010 was set using audited incomes for AY 2007-2008.

The amount to be collected was initially set at £5 million for AY 2003-2004 and rises annually by an amount which the Higher Education Funding Councils determine when setting the annual budget for Janet . The sum to be collected was set at £6.25 million for AY 2009-2010 and was left at the same amount for  AY 2010-2011, AY 2011-2012 and AY 2012-2013 due to the funding climate at the time.

Janet is legally required to levy VAT at the current rate when it issues invoices to each HEI for the Network Charge. In doing this it adjusts the amount it is required to collect to account for the VAT levied. Thus in AY 2010-2011 it collected ca. £5.32 million + VAT to reach the required total of £6.26 million.

The Higher Education Funding Councils have requested that amount to be collected for AY 2013-2014 remains at £5.32 million plus VAT. This means that the total amount collected for AY 2013 - 2014 will be ca. £6.38 million. This is the same as the amount collected for 2012-2013.

Details of the HE network charges for AY 2013-2014 can now be found below:

Network Charge for 2013-2014

If you have any queries about the charges please email the Janet Service Desk.

Previous Network Charges

Details of the HE network charges for previous years can  be found below:

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