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Welcome to the eduroam(UK) Community web site library. Here you'll find in depth information about all aspects of the eduroam(UK) service.

eduroam is the collaboratively delivered, mutually beneficial, federated network access authentication service that provides seamless, secure Wi-Fi connectivity for the public sector research and education community both in the UK and worldwide. By adopting common standards and working cooperatively, research organisations, universities, colleges, hospitals, schools, local authorities, libraries, conference and public meeting space venues and transport providers have contributed to the building of the ubiquitous, high quality, invaluable network service - at minimal cost - that benefits over 470 participating organisations in the UK alone. This translates into literally millions of satisfied individual users.

Underpinned by the Janet network, eduroam is the common network service powering communication, access to information and the internet and supporting collaboration within the UK knowledge economy. Whilst eduroam, together with our sister service govroam, is a service for the benefit of the public sector, there are opportunities for the business sector too through the commercial provision of services to participants or as a bolt on offering to add value, prestige or a differentiator to a company’s own services.

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