Supporting Business Continuity

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Imagine the repercussions of a simple website failure, and now imagine that failure happening during a student recruitment campaign or ‘clearing’. The difference between a simple IT ‘incident’ and what the organisation may define as a ‘disaster’ become very blurred.

If potential students can’t view your site, they are more likely to go elsewhere... loss of students  equates to loss of income. The capability to keep the lines of communication open, and have a continued web presence, together with alternative communication channels, could completely change the situation.

From the smallest to the largest Organisation it’s important to be pro-active and think about IT service continuity and how it fits in with the Organisations Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Janet offers a range of services that can help organisations build effective toolkits to help minimise the impact of outages.

Primary Nameserver Service

The Primary Nameserver service holds and maintains the primary source of domain name information for Janet customers.

Additional Features of the service include:

  • Backup Master – Allows you to continue updating your DNS records when your locally hosted Primary DNS server fails.
  • Automatic Failover - It is primarily intended for web servers, so that if a site is down traffic to the web servers can be automatically redirected to another site in a reasonably short time.

Secondary Nameserver Service

The Secondary Nameserver service acts as an off-site secondary source of top level domain name information for customers.

Backup Web Hosting

This service allows the creation of a small static website that you can modify yourselves, (really useful to announce outages, link to social media sites, add a few static web pages with useful information).

Janet txt

A secure SMS messaging service that enables you to manage and distribute messages to specific individuals or groups, via their mobiles, landlines, email or pagers.

Managed Router Service

Giving you peace of mind by providing full service management of the router on your premises that connects your network to the Janet network.

Janet Connection

Providing UK research and education with the highly reliable and secure, world-class Janet network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration.


A service providing you with space in a fully managed, secure data centre that is connected to the Janet core network.

  Added Resilience Keeping you connected Minimise service disruption Communicate with students and staff Included in the cost of your connection Continued web presence

Primary Nameserver Service

x x x   x x
Secondary Nameserver Service x x x   x x
Backup Web Hosting     x x x* x
Janet txt       x    
Managed Router Service x x x      
Janet Connection x x x      
Janet Colocation x x        

*Static web hosting included in the cost of your connection

How can Janet help?

For further information please  visit the Customer Engagement and Support Team page for details of your nearest Customer Engagement Manager. Alternatively, if you would like to be contacted by your representative of the Customer Engagement and Support Team, please email the Janet Service Desk.