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Janet CSIRT is the Computer Security Incident Response Team for Janet, the UK’s education and research network. Our primary role is to aid the detection, reporting, investigation and eventual resolution of security incidents occurring on Janet, and our customer’s networks. We also provide advice and education to our customers.

Computer Security Incidents are primarily suspected events that have the potential to adversely affect the security of a computer system, but we also respond to other forms of network abuse such as spam, copyright infringement and breaches of our acceptable use and security policies. We also have a role to play in assisting law enforcement in their investigations by putting them in touch with trusted contacts at our customers as quickly as possible.

Incidents almost always involve other network providers and transcend national boundaries and we work closely with other CSIRT teams in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We also have relationships with security researchers and sources of security reports. We are a member of FIRST, and TFCSIRT, take an active role in the development of RTIR and have been accredited by Trusted Introducer.


The mission of Janet CSIRT is to ensure the present and future security of Janet and its customers:

  • Take the lead on the Janet Security Policy
  • Coordinate security responses
  • Develop security resources
  • Maintain leading-edge skills

In support of this mission we provide incident coordination, training and advice for Janet organisations, and we engage with appropriate organisations and activities beyond Janet.