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Cost: There are no set up fees or recurring charges for the basic service. All messages are charged at 3.7 pence (+ VAT) per message sent. SMS Messages are purchased in blocks and are valid for 12 months from the order date.

For a full listing of Janet txt pricing, contact us

Control: Participants administer and regulate their own usage of texting facilities, with specific billing and auditing reports. The service also supports customisation and branding options so that the tools and the messages are clearly associated with the organisation deploying them.

Integration: Using the PageOne SOAP API, you have access to a suite of message distribution and management services within a secure environment. SOAP is platform neutral and is supported by most programming environments including Java, Delphi, PHP and .NET.

For more information on integration click here.

A Moodle interface module called MoodleMobile and MoodleMobile 2 have been developed to allow Moodle VLE users access to the Janet txt messaging service. For further information click here

Two way communications: Organisations simply push out information and can solicit responses when required, such as opt-in to information bulletins, simple polling or requests for further information or contact.

Accessibility: The service supports multilingual formats, non-text based delivery (email and text-to-voice options), and international delivery.

Flexibility: Messages may be prepared from templates using mail merge functions, and scheduled for delivery at appropriate times. Potential recipients may also be grouped into relevant groups for bulk delivery of messages (e.g. ‘all staff’, ‘2 nd year law students’, etc.).

Reliability: The service has been designed from the start as a secure and highly available facility tailored to honour best practice in handling data potentially relating to minors or vulnerable adults. Relevant operating staff will have undergone Criminal Records Bureau checks.

How do I sign-up for Janet txt?

Individual orders are placed by signing and returning the Janet txt Order Form, to PageOne, deciding on the size of the block of text messages to purchase and letting PageOne know how many 1-way and/or 2-way User Accounts are required. PageOne will set-up your account and provision your service within 24 hours.

Your Janet txt Master Account number will be issued by PageOne upon receipt of a signed Janet txt order form.

What am I committing to?

The Janet txt Master Agreement is a 4-year agreement between Janet(UK) and PageOne Communications Ltd. The customer may call-off this agreement and is not committed to anything other than to abide by the terms defined within the Agreement.  However, it does mean that at any time during those 4 years you can place orders for bundles of texts or other Janet txt services.  All individual services ordered have a minimum term of 12 months. Block SMS Messages purchased are valid for 12 months from order date and will expire after that date, with no refund unless further blocks of texts are purchased within one month of expiry date, in which case they will be revalidated for a further 12months. The Terms and Conditions of the service can be found at: http://www.pageone.co.uk/janet-txt-terms-and-conditions

How do I buy SMS text messages?

Subsequent orders can be placed using the subscriber’s Master Account, top-up online, sent via email or fax providing your Master Agreement No. is quoted. Orders are placed subject to the terms and conditions of the Janet txt Master Agreement.

The Janet txt Order form can be downloaded from the following location: http://www.pageone.co.uk/downloads/brochures/janettxt_orderform.pdf

Fax order forms to 0333 200 5034 or email to janettxt@pageone.co.uk

Are there set-up and recurring charges?

The basic one-way, secure Janet txt messaging service is available with NO set-up or recurring charges. This provides you with a fully functional, secure 1-way web-based text-messaging service Janet txt. Janet txt also offers a range of service enhancements, including 2-way SMS messaging, which may involve set-up and recurring charges.

Details on how the service was procurred please read Janet txt Buyers Guide

For more information, or to apply online please visit the Janet txt website

This service is managed and supported by PageOne on behalf of Janet. For support and advice please visit the Janet txt website,  e-mail janettxt@pageone.co.uk or Tel: 0333 200 5033.