Janet txt Buyer's Guide

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Janet txt framework Buyer's Guide

What is the scope of the framework?

This framework agreement has been set up by Janet for a SMS Service for the Janet community (branded Janet txt). The service is intended for organisational use within the Janet community, with individual contracts being established between the nominated supplier and user organisations.

Who can use the Framework?

The scope of the framework covers the Janet research and education community. For further details on Janet connected organisations please refer to:


How does the Framework operate?

The framework is a single supplier framework and therefore orders are placed directly with the supplier, PageOne Communications Ltd.

What is the duration of the Framework?

The term of each framework agreement is four years from 1st May 2014 until 30th April 2018.

Was this Framework tendered under EU procurement rules?

Yes, this framework was advertised in the OJEU on 5th November 2013 number 2013/S 214-372543 and tendered using the Open Procedure. The contract award notice was published on the 21st March 2014 tender ID 2014/S 57-95939.

A copy of the contract award notice is available on the EU TED web site at: 2014095939

What evaluation criteria were used?

The evaluation of the tenders was based on the following weighting:





The supplier’s ability to meet the mandatory requirements.


60% of total marks.

Janet(UK)s assessment of the bidder’s technical merit and quality to enable it to provide the services described in this document on a timely basis based on the responses to the information requirements.


40% of total marks.

Charges - IR74 will be ranked using the formula:

Lowest Price                  = X 100

Price being evaluated


The scores allocated to each section were:



60% of total marks

6.1 Contract Form


6.2 SMS Functionality


6.3 Security Provision


6.4 Support


6.5 Performance & Capacity of Service


6.6 Additional Features


7 Marketing


8 Value Added Service


9 Project Plan


10 Reference Sites


40% of total marks

11 Charges


Are there terms and conditions that must be used?

The Janet txt Master Agreement is a 4-year agreement between Janet(UK) and PageOne Communications Ltd. The customer may call-off this agreement and is not committed to anything other than to abide by the terms defined within the Agreement.  However, it does mean that at any time during those 4 years you can place orders for bundles of texts or other Janet txt services.  All individual services ordered have a minimum term of 12 months. Block SMS Messages purchased are valid for 12 months from order date and will expire after that date, with no refund unless further blocks of texts are purchased within one month of expiry date, in which case they will be revalidated for a further 12months. The Terms and Conditions of the service can be found at:  http://www.pageone.co.uk/janet-txt-terms-and-conditions                            

How to order:

Individual orders are placed by signing and returning the Janet txt Order Form, to PageOne, deciding on the size of the block of text messages to purchase and letting PageOne know how many 1-way and/or 2-way User Accounts are required. PageOne will set-up your account and provision your service within 24 hours.

Your Janet txt Master Account number will be issued by PageOne upon receipt of a signed Janet txt order form.

Subsequent orders can be placed using the subscriber’s Master Account, top-up online, sent via email or fax providing your Master Agreement No. is quoted. Orders are placed subject to the terms and conditions of the Janet txt Master Agreement.

The Janet txt Order form can be downloaded from the following location: http://www.pageone.co.uk/downloads/brochures/janettxt_orderform.pdf

Fax order forms to 0333 200 5034 or email to janettxt@pageone.co.uk

How does a customer contact PageOne Communications?

Telephone on 0333 200 5033

Fax on 0333 200 5034

Email on janettxt@pageone.co.uk

Text JANET to 80081

Website: http://www.pageone.co.uk/services/janet-txt


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