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16/05/2024 Welcome to eduroam Visitor Access (eVA). This page aims to help you use your eVA username and password to connect to eduroam Wi-Fi.
Created 28/05/19 Jisc offers customers who have a serious interest in the service the opportunity to evaluation the eVA portal and to try out the service in order to confirm that it meets needs before subscribing. The free trial will provide access to the full functionality of the service, but is offered subject to a number of restrictions as set out below.
Updated: 16/01/2024 Quotations For the subscription year 1st Aug 2023 to 31st July 2024 the formula for preparing quotations for subscriptions is unchanged and is: [Number of complete months from start date (always the 1st of the month) to July 31st 2024] x £250 plus £300 setup fee and £ 3,000 per annum thereafter, subject to contract and plus VAT.
Pre-subscription pre-requisites - SSO Access Management Group (UKAMf requirements) Attribute release to eVA SP pre-requisities: Guidance for UK Federation IdP Operators Setting up eVA users - the organisation's eVA Administrator