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Guidance Document - eduroam and Safeguarding
All Jisc services are governed by the Janet policies. This page contains instructions for: joining the Jisc Certificate Service how to request a certificate It also contains links to:
To help you tick off the requirements detailed in the Tech Spec and be confident in asserting compliance on the Support server, we've put together the following checklists: Mandatory Requirements Checklist Recommendations Checklist
Guidance Document - Cost of Implementing eduroam Aiming to serve as a business decision making tool, this document provides guidance on the costs involved in implementing eduroam. The costs are broken down into clearly defined work areas and categorised by type of service - Visited-only, Home, Home and Visited.
Safe Share Service Terms and Conditions Version 1.3 – October 2017 Introduction Safe Share allows the secure exchange of data between Customer Client sites via an encrypted overlay over existing networking infrastructure, for example, over the Janet network, the internet or PSN.
Safe Share Acceptable Use Policy Version 3 – May 2017
This is Jisc's response to the DMCS call for views on Derogations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
This is Jisc's response to the ICO's request for feedback on Profiling under the General Data Protection Regulation. 1. When, how and why does your organisation carry out profiling? Do you agree that there has to be a predictive element, or some degree of inference for the processing to be considered profiling?