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Released: 16th January 2024Updated: 20th February 2024 This advisory is important and relevant to all eduroam(UK) service organisations. Summary Background and Scope Phase 1 - DNS, Firewall and RADIUS Server Changes and Verification Phase 2 - Firewall and RADIUS Server Changes  During The Migration Phase Supplementary Information SUMMARY
Published 9/10/2023 The organisation you are visiting and at which you are using the eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service collects some basic data about you in order to provide you with eduroam guest access. If you are using the self-service SMS request system your mobile phone number will be used to send you your eVA guest access credentials. The organisation you are visiting is the data controller for your details and will publish a Privacy Notice to advise you about what data is collected and what it is used for. Approved Registrar list from 2024 onwards The top level domain will be migrating to a new Registry Operator, in 2024. As part of this migration, the new criteria to be Approved Registrar has been released, which includes the need to have Cyber Essentials. A list of registrars who have confirmed they will meet the new criteria is provided below.
Here's a requirements checklist to use when you want to deploy OpenRoaming (or when you are trialling it):
eduroam is a network access solution that comprises an eduroam Wi-Fi service and an authentication system to enable you to connect your device to the eduroam Wi-Fi and access the internet - at whatever location/organisation you are at wherever the eduroam service is made available - worldwide. The eduroam Wi-Fi service you use is operated by the local institution or organisation at which you are connecting. But the permission, i.e. authentication required to connect you to that service is always provided by your home organisation.
The draft of the new eduroam(UK) Technical Specification v1.5 can be downloaded at: This is due to come into effect on 2nd October 2023
Date: 4/08/2023 This advisory is relevant to all eduroam(UK) service organisations. It describes the background to and rationale for the implementation of filtering of all but essential attributes at the NRPS. The necessary changes to the eduroam(UK) Technical Specification to support this will be implemented in version 1.5, due to come into effect in Q4 2023.
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