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Released: 10th May 2022 This advisory is important and relevant to all eduroam(UK) service organisations. Summary Background and scope Phase 1 - DNS, firewall and RADIUS server changes Phase 2 - firewall and RADIUS server changes During the migration phase Supplementary information SUMMARY Roaming1 is moving to a new platform.
9/05/2022 Contents: Establishing trust during EAP authentication How and where to acquire server certificates What certificates to install on the RADIUS server and present during authentication What certificates to upload into the CAT system Scope
Last updated: 12/04/2022 On this page sections 21 - 22: Keep your configuration details data on the eduroam Support server up to date Planning Ahead and Developing your eduroam Implementation See Part 1 for sections 1 - 7:
How do you configure a Cisco 1200 Series Wireless Access Point for eduroam SSID? Details of the precise (largely web-based) steps used to configure the eduroam SSID on a Cisco® 1200 series WAP can be found in Appendix 2 of the case study Complying with the Janet eduroam Service Technical Specification. Can Cisco fat WAPs be used with multiple broadcast SSIDs and dynamic VLANs?
Janet Policy Updates – FAQ
Jisc has launched a new Session border controller (SBC) service on 28th Feb 2022. The service offers access to our hosted SBC on the Janet Network and SIP Truck integration.  Calls through the service are charged at the rates detailed here:
Janet Network Connection Policy Title: Janet Network Connection Policy Reference:    MF-POL-053 Issue:  2 Document owner: John Chapman, Head of Janet policy and strategy Authorised by: Jeremy Sharp, Janet CTO Date: 3 March 2022
Released: 6th January 2022 This advisory is important and relevant to all eduroam(UK) service organisations. Background and scope Phase 1 Phase 2 Monitoring Progress Summary Action required Supplementary Information Background and scope
Created - 12/11/2015 Reformatted and updated - 15/12/2021 Original version: Alan Buxey Original document: TLS 1.2 negotiation in forthcoming OS releases require sites running RADIATOR, FreeRADIUS 2 and FreeRADIUS 3 to upgrade, NPS sites may need reconfiguring.