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6th September 2022 Contents Introduction WPA3 in relation to eduroam WPA3 Key features Protected Management Frames WPA3-Enterprise Modes of Operation Wi-Fi 6E Overview Security in Wi-Fi 6E Legacy Devices Implementation / Recommendations Introduction
Using Janet for cyber security research Title: Using Janet for cyber security research Issue:  1 Document owner: John Chapman, Head of Janet policy and strategy Authorised by: John Chapman, Head of Janet policy and strategy Date: 17 August 2022
Recording of Jisc Tech2Tech webinar of May 2022 Android certificate validation and security changes over the evolution of Android from version 7 to the latest v13 is discussed by Stefan Paetow. This content begins 13 minutes in, you may wish to skip earlier introduction and updates.
Published 16/08/2022
Guide to filtering on Janet Title: Guide to filtering on Janet Reference:    GD/NOTE/006  Issue:  3 Document owner: Andrew Cormack. Chief regulatory advisor   Authorised by:
Released: 10th May 2022 This advisory is important and relevant to all eduroam(UK) service organisations. Summary Background and scope Phase 1 - DNS, firewall and RADIUS server changes Phase 2 - firewall and RADIUS server changes During the migration phase Supplementary information SUMMARY Roaming1 is moving to a new platform.
5/08/2022 Contents:
Last updated: 12/04/2022 On this page sections 21 - 23: Promote eduroam at your organisation - your eduroam web site Keep your configuration details data on the eduroam Support server up to date Planning Ahead and Developing your eduroam Implementation See Part 1 for sections 1 - 7:
How do you configure a Cisco 1200 Series Wireless Access Point for eduroam SSID? Details of the precise (largely web-based) steps used to configure the eduroam SSID on a Cisco® 1200 series WAP can be found in Appendix 2 of the case study Complying with the Janet eduroam Service Technical Specification. Can Cisco fat WAPs be used with multiple broadcast SSIDs and dynamic VLANs?
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