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Released: 24th October 2017 This advisory is relevant to all eduroam(UK) Home (IdP) and Visited (SP)  service organisations. It’s aim is to bring to the attention of our community the vulnerability of WPA2 to Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK) and describes the position of together with recommend actions to be taken. Background and scope:
Updated 20/07/2021 On this page: What is eVA? About visitor accounts How visitor accounts are created Service Restrictions/Pre-requisites Setting up devices to work with eVA Management How to participate What is eVA?
Updated: 23/07/2021 Quotations For the subscription year 1st Aug 2021 to 31st July 2022 the formula for preparing quotations for subscriptions is: [Number of complete months from start date (always the 1st of the month) to July 31st 2022] x £250 plus £300 setup fee and £ 3,000 per annum thereafter, subject to contract and plus VAT.
Pre-subscription pre-requisites - SSO Access Management Group (UKAMf requirements) Attribute release to eVA SP pre-requisities: Guidance for UK Federation IdP Operators Setting up eVA users - the organisation's eVA Administrator
Introduction to eVA The eVA guest user experience (how to set up your device) eVA evaluation trials eVA manuals for Administrators and Portal users
eduroam(UK) Advisory: Injection of Operator-Name attribute by the NRPSs
If you've been following the Implementation Roadmap you'll have seen the links to the material in the eduroam Group area! - otherwise: FreeRADIUS web site guide for a basic configuration to support eduroam FreeRADIUS web site guide to logging in an eduroam environment
Document created - 16/08/2016 Last updated - 14/08/2020 Essentially the key steps involved in adopting eduroam are as below. We suggest you read through these and once you are confident that your organisation can implement the service and you wish to proceed, complete the application form via - this also sets out the rules of membership.
Using eduroam Support site; Connecting to the NRPS; User on-boarding – CAT This document is intended for the system administrators at member organisations and provides an introduction to using the eduroam(UK) Support site together with an introduction to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool and a guide to getting started with the eduroam CAT site.
eduroam(UK) Privacy Notice for end users