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Published: 14/06/2021 This advisory applies to all organisations providing a Visited (Wi-Fi) service. Whilst not specifically an eduroam/802.1X related issue, the FragAttacks vulnerabilities highlight the need to keep your Wi-Fi devices patched to ensure that fixes developed by your equipment vendors are applied to your infrastructure. Several vendors have been quick to respond and have released updates; you may have received direct e-mail notification.
November 2019 - 5/11/2019 This presentation provides an overview of how to deploy Govroam as a Visited-only service alongside an existing eduroam service at eduroam(UK) member sites. It was first presented by Matthew Slowe at the November 5th 2019 eduroam Online Clinic.
Updated 20/07/2021 On this page: What is eVA? About visitor accounts How visitor accounts are created Service Restrictions/Pre-requisites Setting up devices to work with eVA Management How to participate What is eVA?
eduroam(UK) Advisory: Injection of Operator-Name attribute by the NRPSs
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Guidance Document - eduroam and Safeguarding