eVA pre-sales information

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Updated: 28/05/19


For the contract year to 31st July 2019 the formula for preparing quotations is:

[Number of complete months from start date (always the 1st of the month) to July 31st 2019] x £250 plus £300 setup fee

Renewal of subscription for 1st August 2019 - 31st July 2020 is £3,000

Current pricing for the contract year 1st August 2019 - 31st July 2020 is:

[Number of complete months from start date (always the 1st of the month) to July 31st 2019] x £250 plus £300 setup fee

All prices are exclusive of VAT and offers are subject to contract.


Having an eduroam service is a pre-requisite as the participant will be using their investment in their eduroam Wi-Fi to underpin the eduroam Visitor Access. eVA simply outsources the guest account authentication process - whilst facilitating the delegation of guest account management from central IT helpdesks to the events so-ordinators and hosts in the organisation who need easy access to  a guest account creation service.

Membership of UKAMF/eduGAIN is essential since log in to the eVA portal (which enables the admins/events organisers/hosts at the organisation to use the service) is only supported through federated SSO via eduGAIN. Prospective participants should check that their SSO system can release the attributes required to the eduroamvisitoraccess SP.

See http://repository.jisc.ac.uk/7135/2/eduroam_visitor_access_guidance_for_uk_federation_idp_operators.pdf

Customer Trials

Free of charge evaluation trials of the service are available - see: https://community.jisc.ac.uk/library/network-and-technology-service-docs/customer-trials

Application form

Organisations wishing to sign up for the service should complete the application form on: https://www.jisc.ac.uk/forms/start-using-eduroam-visitor-access

Terms and Conditions - these will form part of the subscription contract once we receive your signed purchase order.

What happens next?

A purchase order form will be created and sent to the applicant along with the the formal terms and conditions. Upon receipt of an authorised purchase order an account will be set up on the eVA portal and service will commence from the agreed start date.

For usage manuals see: https://community.jisc.ac.uk/library/network-and-technology-service-docs/eva-manuals-administrators-and-portal-users


Second line support is available through help@jisc.ac.uk, quoting 'eduroam Visitor Access'

Jisc has 'back-to-back' support with the developer and operator of eVA

For help on UKAMF issues, support is available through the Jisc UKAMF helpdesk service.ukfederation@jisc.ac.uk