Customer trials

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Created 28/05/19

Jisc offers customers who have a serious interest in the service the opportunity to evaluation the eVA portal and to try out the service in order to confirm that it meets needs before subscribing. The free trial will provide access to the full functionality of the service, but is offered subject to a number of restrictions as set out below.

Free trial restrictions

  1. The free trial period is for a maximum of three weeks and must take place entirely within the boundaries of a calendar month (Jisc pays for the trial, and is charged for every calendar month within which a customer account is active). So, if you commence a trial with less than 3 weeks to go before the end of the calendar month, we will terminate the trial [1 working day] prior to the end of that calendar month.
  2. The purpose of the trial is only for your networking and events teams to conduct internal testing of the functions of the service and confirm it is suitable for your needs (the “Permitted Purpose”). The trial account must not be used to support a ‘live’ production event or otherwise made available on a wide scale to either your own users or visitors or used for any purpose other than the Permitted Purpose).
  3. Support for trial accounts will be provided on a ‘reasonable endeavours’ basis, so if, for example, your technical boarding process to the service is unusually complex, you may experience minor delays in the process as other commitments interfere.
  4. You must provide Jisc with a single point of contact for the trial so that we can communicate clearly with you while the trial is running.
  5. In view of the above, you accept that the eVA service is provided entirely “as is/as available” and Jisc will not have any liability for problems with or unavailability of the eVA service during your trial period.
  6. You shall ensure that the eVA trial privacy notice is communicated to anyone whose information is passed to Jisc, including the technical contact and anyone in your networking and events team in connection with the Permitted Purpose.

Customers interested in participating in a trial should write to expressing interest - please note that you will need to sign and return a form accepting the above restrictions.