eduroam(UK) Privacy Notice for eVA end users

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Published 9/10/2023

The organisation you are visiting and at which you are using the eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service collects some basic data about you in order to provide you with eduroam guest access. If you are using the self-service SMS request system your mobile phone number will be used to send you your eVA guest access credentials.

The organisation you are visiting is the data controller for your details and will publish a Privacy Notice to advise you about what data is collected and what it is used for. 

The Privacy Notice published here on this Jisc Community website augments the notice published at the site you are visiting and describes how data is utilised for the provision of network connectivity to you through the eduroam service and in addtion how data is utilised for the provision of eduroam access credentials through the eduroam Visitor Access service.

Standard privacy terms that apply to the use of the eduroam service - eduroam(UK) Privacy Notice for end users

eduroam Visitor Access privacy terms - in addition to the standard eduroam(UK) privacy terms, since eduroam(UK) (aka 'Jisc') processes the data that the organisation you are visting collects/you provide for the purpose of generating guest access credentials for you, the following should be noted:

eduroam(UK) (aka 'Jisc') acts as the eduroam IdP (for the purpose of providing you with guest credentials: username and possword). The IdP function requires the identity of the user for whom the guest account is created to be recorded and retained for a reasonable period of time for security and compliance with Acceptable Use Policies. 

Depending on the credentials provisioning method being used, the personal details collected about you may include one or more of: name, e-mail address, mobile phone number. This data is collected and retained solely for the purpose of delivering the service to you. This data will be retained for a period of 6 months after expiry of your guest account.