Managing Authorised Users

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Through the Certificate Service portal, organisations can manage their list of Authorised Users.

Designated Management Contacts (MC) are now responsible for managing, and keeping up to date, the list of users authorised to request and obtain SSL certificates on behalf of their organisation. Every member of the JCS service will have at least one designated Management Contact, who can add, delete or delegate other verified users to MC status users within their organisation's JCS account.

This means that organisations no longer need to complete a paper-based document listing the complete list of users with all of their contact details, every time they require to add or remove a user from the Authorised Users list.

All users can view the list of authorised users associated to their organisation's JCS account through the Certificate portal, and Management Contacts can manage this list by clicking on the down arrow in the 'JCS Account' tab as shown below.

From the 'Manage Users' page Management Contacts can invite colleagues to register an account on the Jisc Community, add them the organisation's JCS account, delete them or delegate verified users to Management Contact status.

>> To add a user to your organisation's JCS account the following steps must have been followed:

Step 1 - A user must first set up a Jisc Community account by registering here For details about how to set up a Jisc Community account please see instructions here.

Step 2 - The Community user must have their Community account associated with the particular organisation.   For details about how to associate a Jisc Community account with an organisation please see instructions here.

Note: Only once the above steps have been completed, can the Management Contact add a user to the list of authorised users to the  JCS account. 

Step 3 -  The Management Contact logs into their Jisc Community account and accesses the organisation's JCS account by launching the JCS app (

Step 4 - The Management Contact adds the user to the organisation's JCS account by going to the 'Manage Users' page (shown in the first screenshot above) clicking on the 'Add User' button and typing the name of the user (in the format Joe Bloggs).

>> To elevate a registered user to Management Contact:

Step 1 - A Management Contact logs into the Jisc Community and launches the JCS web app from here

Step 2 - Select 'Manage Users' from the 'JCS Account' down arrow

Step 3 - Hover over the contact and select 'Make Management Contact' as shown below.

Note: only verified users can be elevated to a Management Contact.