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Through the Certificate Service portal, organisations can manage their list of Authorised Users. Designated Management Contacts (MC) are now responsible for managing, and keeping up to date, the list of users authorised to request and obtain SSL certificates on behalf of their organisation. Every member of the JCS service will have at least one designated Management Contact, who can add, delete or delegate other verified users to MC status users within their organisation's JCS account.
Instructions for how to use the new JCS portal (accessible from are available from these pages. The main areas are: Managing Authorised Users Purchasing Certificate Bundle Credits
Responsibilities The Janet Service Desk should be advised of any changes to site contact names or addresses. Janet(UK) cannot ensure that important information about the network reaches each organisation if contact details are not kept up to date. For example, changes to the fault reporting information may not reach management and operational/technical contacts, or information about security threats might not be passed to the security contact.