Purchase Certificate Bundle Credits

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Before you can request SSL server or S/MIME email certificates you must first have some certificate credits in your account. These come in the form of bundles ranging from 1 to 250 credits for server and 1 to 5,000 for S/MIME. Credits can be purchased online through the portal, using a credit card or Purchase Order.

[If you wish to buy credits using a Purchase Order please just have the PO number available which you enter online at the point of purchase]

Please note the "Pay by PO" button is inactivated until the purchase total is £250 or greater.

There are three types of credits available for server and S/MIME email certificates: 'Mixed' for any number of Business/Organisation Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates, and 'Other' credit bundles for wildcard certificates. For S/MIME there is the S/MIME certificate type.

Once you have purchased a bundle, the credits will be added to your Certificate Service account immediately enabling you to request and obtain certificates. Bundle credits are valid for 24 months from the point that you use the first credit i.e. when you have obtained the first certificate from that bundle.

Certificates obtained from a bundle do *not* expire according to time the bundle credit is valid for, but rather the duration that you select when you request the certificate e.g. 1, 2 or 3 years after it is issued to you.

Fig. 1 - Bundle

Fig. 2 - Shopping basket