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How to Register

When registering for a Jisc Community Account you will first need to let us know which institution you are a member of.

If your institution supports Federated Login through the UK Federation, you will be given the option to use these credentials to login. We strongly recommend you use your Institution’s federated login if it is available to you – What is Institutional (Federated) Login?

Federated Login

You will then be taken to your organisation's site to authenticate and be redirected back to the Jisc Community Account Registration page after logging in successfully.

Non-federated Login

If your institution does not support federated login, or if you would prefer not to use federated login (not recommended), you will be asked to choose a password. Your email address will normally serve as your username.

The Registration Form

It is important that the personal information you provide is correct.

It is essential that you provide your real email address as this is used to send you notifications of your Jisc Community Account activity and interactions with other members. You may not be able to complete your account registration without a valid email address.

Your full name is used to identify you throughout the site and your contribution to the Jisc Community will be taken more seriously if you use your real name, however you are not required to do so.

We also ask for account recovery information – this is used to contact you in the event of forgotten login details, to reset your password, or if you have a federated account and you choose to ‘unlink’ your federated account from your Community account.

You can subsequently edit any of the information you enter during registration by going to your Account area and editing your profile.