Institutional Login

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Your Institutional (or Federated) Login details are the set of credentials provided by your home organisation, for example, your college, university, or local authority. Numerous Janet websites supported federated login, including this website (Jisc Community), JISCMail, and JVCS Booking Service.


  • Don’t have to remember the log in details for each and every service;
  • We don’t store a password for you on any of our federated websites, making them more secure;
  • Often, institutions use your network password for your federated password, so just log onto us with the same password you’d log on with every day.

Information for Jisc Staff

All Jisc staff will already have federated login credentials; these are the details provided by Janet you use every morning to log into your network and laptop/PC.

For Jisc staff, your federated credentials look like:

  • Username: FirstName+SurnameInitial e.g. johns
  • Password: your usual network password