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You can gain points by creating content, commenting on existing content or joining a group. Your user points will be shown in your user profile as well as the reason for gaining the points. Your points will appear on your user name which is on the site next to your content.
When writing an article, event or similar content type, there is a What You See Is What Get (WYSIWIG) editor to help you. One of the options is to upload images. On the tool bar, there is an image of a picture frame with a house in it which will allow you to upload an image to show on your page, or to browse existing images if you need to re-use one. Click on the icon and a box will pop-up. On this box, you will need to use the 'Browse Server' option to open up a pop-up box which will give you further options. 
This section contains How Tos about the parts of the site which allow you to interact with other community members.
This section contains How Tos about the creating your content to share on the Community site.
This section contains How Tos about the types of account and how to register or login.
You can form connections with your colleagues. If you go to the person who you want to follow’s profile, which you can find by clicking on their name or going to their user profile in<first>-<last>. Click the “Connect to this User” button and then confirm your action if you want to go ahead with the connection. The recipient will receive a notification in the connections section in their profile. They will have the chance to accept or decline the connection.
Once you have joined a group, you can create pieces of content for the group. All pieces of content which are associated for a group will show on the group page. These pieces of content are termed user content and are subject to the Terms and Conditions governing user generate content. If the group setting is public, then anyone can be view the content but non-group member cannot comment on them. Only members of a group can create content for the group.