Creating an article, document, event, wiki or blog post in a group

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Once you have joined a group, you can create pieces of content for the group. All pieces of content which are associated for a group will show on the group page. These pieces of content are termed user content and are subject to the Terms and Conditions governing user generate content.

If the group setting is public, then anyone can be view the content but non-group member cannot comment on them. Only members of a group can create content for the group.

The Add Project or Group Content menu will appear in the navigation bar when your inside the group section. Hovering over this with your mouse to show the create options.

Click on the appropriate type of content that you want to create and the creation page will appear.

You can upload certain types of file in the documents page to share with the group. You can share text files, PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office file formats with your group colleagues but not other forms of document. If you are uploading files, please ensure that you have the right to share the information and are not infringing anybody’s copyright.

You may create either a one off event, such as a conference, or a recurring event, such as a meeting. You can add an event website and a readable name and the event’s location to the content type for view by your group members.

The wiki type allows you to create a wiki-style page for the group. This page uses Mediawiki formatting ( to display text.

Articles and blogs are plain text formats and can be shared with the group or made public.

All pieces of group content will be shown to the group. The privacy settings can be changed in the group visibility option when creating or editing a piece of content.

By default, content will be set to the group visibility. It can be made public so that anyone on the Janet Community can view the content if they know its Url. The visibility can also be set to private so that only group members can see the content.