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You can form connections with your colleagues.

If you go to the person who you want to follow’s profile, which you can find by clicking on their name or going to their user profile in<first>-<last>.

Click the “Connect to this User” button and then confirm your action if you want to go ahead with the connection.

The recipient will receive a notification in the connections section in their profile. They will have the chance to accept or decline the connection.

Connection requests which have not been accepted or declined will be in the "Received Request" tab in connections. Each request has accept and decline buttons next to it and a link to the requester's user profile.

If the connection is accepted, and your notification is set to accept by email, you will receive an email. The accepted connections will appear in your connections tab in your profile. If the person to whom you have sent the connection request declines the request, then the request will disappear from your sent request but you will not be notified.

If you go back to the "My Connections" tab in profile section, then you will see everyone with whom you are connected. If you are connected to somebody, you will be able to view their wall to see who they are connected to and also be able to post comments on their wall. If you want to break the link, you can click the "Disconnect" button to break the connection. You will not be able to see their wall after this.

Any outstanding connection requests which have not been accepted or declined can be seen in the "Sent Requests"tab.