What is Institutional (Federated) Login?

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A better way to login

At Jisc, we encourage you to login with your Federated Identity.

Your Federated Identity is your username and password that you use to login to services at your home institution.

With Jisc websites, you can select to use your institution’s login. This is better for you because you only have one password to remember, and more secure for you because we don’t store any password for you! Instead, we communicate directly and securely with your institution and they will authenticate your login on our behalf. Jisc websites never know what your username or password is, and you do not have to remember another password for our websites.

Federated Identity also allows your institution to help you manage your access to necessary services for your job. They can also instruct us to allow you to see necessary resources for your job.

We believe that this is a more secure way of signing into our websites to manage your data, resources and preferences.

Jisc websites use Shibboleth for authentication, through the UK federation. If your organisation isn’t currently using federated login, you can still login to Jisc’s services, but initially, will have reduced permissions across the website.


The UK Federation offers eligible developers several benefits, including fewer support issues with helping users getting access to sites and centralisation of resources.

These can be viewed at http://www.ukfederation.org.uk/content/Documents/Benefits