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Log in to the Janet videoconferencing booking system (or create an account if you are a new user). Once logged in you will see the home page as shown in Figure 1: Figure 1: Janet videoconferencing home page
Log in (or create a user account) so that you can use the the Janet videoconferencing booking system. Figure 1. Janet videoconferencing home page
Link to the Janet videoconferencing booking service. Registered users can book or launch videoconferences and view the details of videoconferencing facilities at any of the Janet Videoconferencing registered organisations.
Necessary information: [ ] Title of conference (See 3.1) [ ] Purpose of conference (See 3.1) [ ] Conference duration (See 3.1) [ ] Name of conference coordinator (See 3.1) [ ] Email address/phone number of conference coordinator (See 3.1) [ ] List of venues for the conference (See 3.2) [ ] Names of main attendees at each venue (See 3.3) [ ] Names of main attendees at each venue (See 2.2) [ ] Guest venue (if included), does it have an IP or ISDN CODEC? (See 2.2)
Guests can join the videoconference by phone without needing access to videoconference facilities themselves, and without needing to be registered as users of the service. In booking the videoconference, the administrator simply selects a new guest type: “telephone (audio only)”, and enters the name and email address of the telephone participant. The telephone guest is then emailed a number to call into the videoconference.
The conference administrator can also add and remove participants while the conference is in progress, and if it is being recorded then the recording can be stopped while the conference continues: useful if, for example, the recording was to cover a performance, presentation or discussion of a specific topic and the topic has now moved on.
Software requirements: A modern web browser Quicktime 6.5 and above Windows Media Player (requires IE and Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7) Java (standard edition) How to Use Live Videoconference Streaming The Streaming feature may be selected when a videoconference is being booked from the Confirm booking page (Step 3 of 3). The conference Booker should click Set conference options and tick the Videoconference streaming tick box.
A videoconference can include many venues but until now only a list of booked participants was displayed on the Conference Management pages. The upgrade means that live screen shots of participants are now shown instead, updating every 30 seconds (or shorter or longer if the user so decides). These screen shots are there throughout the conference, and are a visual aid for conference managers to see if a participant has arrived, if the codec is on, if there are any problems with one or more site’s video and so forth.
The Booking Service provides a web-based user interface for users to booking or launching a Janet videoconference. The interface also allows administrators to manage their videoconferences before they happen and live, while they are happening. There is also an online help facility to guide users through each step of using the service. This factsheet provides a summary of how to register for the new service, the three-step procedure for booking a conference and where to find further information.