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While one chairperson is required to monitor and guide the flow of the meeting, there is usually a facilitator at each site who does most of the organisation for that site. Where possible a facilitator should take responsibility for the VC start to finish.
The role of the chair or chairperson is considered vital to a successful video conference meeting. They may also be the facilitator at their own site. Planning Understand how the system works so that the participants can get the best out of it Liaise with the other facilitators to ensure that the meeting is well planned Arrive early Starting the meeting
Turn off your mobile or put it on silent. Only leave it on if you are expecting a crucially important call that cannot wait until the end of the meeting. Planning Dress appropriately:
Dressing for the Camera and CODEC Videoconferencing is a form of television so the guidelines for appearing on television are relevant. Because videoconferencing uses a reduced quality network link to keep costs down some other limitations are also introduced.
Planning Ahead When organising a VC (Videoconference) users need to remember meetings are often time constrained. There are a number of reasons for this: