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Every organisation that wishes to send and receive e-mail, or gain access to the Internet, needs a globally unique address, known as an IP address. These addresses are numeric and uniquely identify one network interface on a computer. Each address is written as four fields, separated by dots, and each field can be a number ranging from 0 to 255, e.g.
The Domain Name System (DNS) allows a computer presented with a textual name to convert or map it to the numeric IP address of another computer with which it needs to communicate, say to fetch a web page or deliver an e-mail. The process is called DNS resolution.
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Janet operates a fault reporting process to deal with all problems at both a network and a site level, as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, this process can only work if all Janet-connected organisations are familiar with the correct reporting routes. Reporting Problems
There are many sources of information about Janet, but it can take time to access specific details. This manual has been produced to place all essential material in one document. It is aimed at systems administrators and technical contacts at Janet sites. It is designed to work on a number of different levels and contains both non-technical and technical details.
Contact Details Operational hours   Contact Details Vscene Management Centre The Ajenta Hub 96-2 Commercial QuayEdinburghEH6 6LX E-mail: Telephone: +44 (0)131 512 2002 or 0330 020 0404
Unable to associate with wireless eduroam network
End-users (from organisations which have operational eduroam services) who plan to visit eduroam sites should consult their Home organisation IT Support departments regarding setup of laptops/mobile devices prior to travelling to sites offering eduroam Visited services. Instructions and documentation should be available on the Home organisations' web pages. Users will also be verify the format of their eduroam username (of particular relevence if there is any sub-domain content of the realm name).
The Booking Service provides a web-based user interface for users to booking or launching a Janet videoconference. The interface also allows administrators to manage their videoconferences before they happen and live, while they are happening. There is also an online help facility to guide users through each step of using the service. This factsheet provides a summary of how to register for the new service, the three-step procedure for booking a conference and where to find further information.