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Download the full evaluation of the Clearone Collaborate Room Pro 600 system
The evaluation report for the Telepresence SX80 can be downloaded at this link
Advisory issued by eduroam.OT 08/04/2014 It has come to our attention that there are vulnerabilities in the relatively new 1.0.1-series of OpenSSL (as detailed by affecting TLS enabled services via a heartbeat extension. While there are no indications that this affects TLS-based EAP-mechanisms or RADIUS/TLS (aka RadSec) at this time, the operational team has made the decision to upgrade OpenSSL to versions implementing a fix for CVE-2014-0160
The Vidyo HD40 and HD100 CODECs were evaluated during March 2015 Read the full evaluation report here Read the manufacturer's comments here
Organsiations can sign up to the Assent service by completing an application form, which includes nominating persons authorised to act on behalf of and manage the organsiation's Assent membership account. The Sign up form can be found here.
There are a number of different vulnerable service reports that we send out, these vary from services that can be exploited to be used within a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack to services that are exposed to leak information or allow them to be controlled. Some of these services can simply be firewalled off from the internet at your border without causing any issues, however, some require further configuration. Please see below for further information on these reports and configuration options.
If you are reading this page, it's most likely because you've received a malware report from us advising you to refer to this page should you require assistance. Why have you received this report?
Updated 11/05/2022 Produced by eduroam(UK), contains screenshots specifically for eduroam(UK) - eduroam(UK) Microsoft NPS Configuration Guide
Desktop Videoconferencing Software Evaluations Skype™ 4.0 Introduction