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This is Jisc's submission to the Intellectual Property Office Call for Views: Modernising the European Copyright Framework.
As its title suggests, the Commission's public consultation on the regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy covers a lot of different areas. One of these is the rules for on-line intermediaries (at present networks, caches and hosts that carry third party content).
This is JANET(UK)’s response to the Ministry of Justice consultation on a draft Defamation Bill. JANET(UK) is the operator of the UK’s national research and education network, JANET, which connects all universities, colleges, research organisations and regional schools networks together, to national research and education networks in other countries, and to the Internet.
This is JANET(UK)’s response to the European Commission’s consultation “on the future of electronic commerce in the internal market and the implementation of the Directive on Electronic Commerce (2000/31/EC)”.
This is JANET(UK)’s response to the DTI consultation on the Electronic Commerce Directive: the Liability of Hyperlinkers, Location Tool Services and Content Aggregators, published in June 2005, reference 05/1245.
Various consultations relate to what internet intermediaries, such as websites and networks, either must or must not do in relation to their users' activities. These include circumstances in which intermediaries may be legally liable for the actions of their users.