Upgrading a Janet connection

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All enquiries about upgrading a Primary Connection (irrespective of the method of connection) must be directed to the Connections Management Section. They will be able to advise on the procedure and funding arrangements for the upgrade. Note that the cost of the upgrade might be the responsibility of the site requesting the increase in bandwidth. In these instances the Connections Management Section can also provide details of the tariff that applies.

Overview of the Process

The upgrade procedure has many similarities with the standard connection process. In each case a formal request for an upgrade should be sent by e-mail to Connections Management Section, connect@ja.net who will acknowledge the enquiry, and confirm the arrangements and, if appropriate, the charges. Some upgrades require the installation of a new circuit whereas others can be achieved by the circuit supplier making a few adjustments to the existing access circuit. The organisation will be asked to confirm acceptance of the offer by e-mail and will also be required to complete the appropriate paperwork.

The Connections Management Section advises the nominated installation contact of the progress of the order at each stage of the upgrade process and deals with any queries. When the upgrade is complete, steps will be taken to cancel the redundant circuit (if appropriate). The customer is then sent an invoice for the cost of the upgrade, if a charge is to be made.