New connections

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The connection process is complex and involves many different parties, both internally and externally. The main point of contact during this process is the Connections Management Section. You can contact us on 01235 822308 or The following paragraphs provide a brief overview of the connection process.

Once the formal quotation process has been completed and agreement to proceed is received a contract in the form of a declaration letter will be sent to the organisation wishing to connect, this also contains login details for completing the web-based JCUR.  Guidance is provided throughout the online process.

The completed JCUR is submitted online and the signed declaration returned to the Connections Management Section.  All organisations should contact the Connections Management Section for advice and assistance with completing the online form on 01235 822308.

In signing up to Janet, an organisation is also signing up to the Terms and Conditions for provision of a Janet service.

The connection process is illustrated by this flowchart: