The connection process

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A leaflet describing this process is available: Connecting to JANET

As part of the connection process each newly connected organisation must apply for IP addresses from Janet and if required a domain name under one of the .uk domains, at no charge subject to availability and eligibility. The Connections Management Section provides customers with information about the progress of their connection and can also deal with any queries that arise during this process.

Making a Connection Ready for Use

A connection is considered to be ready for use after:

  • the circuit has been delivered
  • IP addresses have been assigned
  • all the cabling from the router to the NTU at both the connecting organisation and RNO are in place
  • the organisation's router has been configured
  • the backbone routing is in place
  • a new domain name, if required, has been approved and delegated, and the customer has supplied the nameserver names and IP addresses.

However, it is recognised that the customer may not be using the circuit at this point if there are still unresolved issues or testing is required. The Connections Management Section will therefore contact the customer and ask for confirmation that the connection is in use. Once this is received, a date is agreed for invoicing purposes (for those organisations that pay for a connection to Janet).

Once the circuit has been delivered a Fault Reporting letter is sent in PDF format to the technical and management contacts at the organisation, which provides information about the fault reporting process. Fault reporting is covered in more detail in Section 1 of this manual and traffic monitoring is described in Appendix 9..

If the organisation is required to pay for the connection, an invoice for the charges agreed at the beginning of the process is sent after the Connections Management Section has checked that the customer is satisfied with the connection.

Further information about DNS, IP addresses, routers and e-mail is available in more detail elsewhere in this manual.


All organisations connecting to Janet must discuss any plans to retain or install an additional Internet connection through a commercial ISP with Janet(UK). There are a number of implications and technical issues associated with multi-homing arrangements of which an organisation should be fully aware before an agreement is made with another ISP. Janet(UK) may make a charge for the increased amount of central administration and technical effort required (e.g. effective filters, aggregation rules) if a multihoming facility is provided.

Please contact the Connections Management Section for further information.

If an organisation connecting to Janet does not wish to set up a web server, it may be permitted to maintain an existing domain name and web site through a commercial ISP, subject to the preceding provisos about multihoming. Customers should contact the Connections Management Section.