Requesting changes

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To request changes to the service please use the web-based change request form

If you are unable to use the web based change request form, an e-mail could be sent on behalf of an organisation by a recognised Jisc contact to the Jisc Service Desk (JSD) at: with the subject ‘Janet Primary Nameserver Service Change Request (name of organisation)’, using the change request form below.

Changes are made on behalf of an organisation and can only be accepted from appropriately authorised people.

Please copy and paste the following text into the body of an e-mail message, adding your own details as appropriate.

Janet Primary Nameserver Service Change Request

Organisation's full name:

Your name:
Your job title:
Your e-mail address:

Existing domains: [already hosted on the service]
Domain(s) to modify: [already hosted on the service but require modifying]
Additional domain(s): [domain(s) to be added to the service]

List of hosts with public IP addresses. If you have more than one host, list them separately.

IP address:
Corresponding fully qualified domain name:
Name of services operated on this host:

Resource Records:

Request web administration account:

Additional comments: