Contact the Primary Nameserver Service

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The Janet Service Desk is staffed from 07:00 to 23:59 Monday to Friday and is covered by an answering machine outside these hours. All enquiries are dealt with in accordance with JANET(UK)'s Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Telephone: 0300 300 2212 (UK)
Fax: 0300 300 2213

It is helpful to include the abbreviation ‘JPN service’ in the Subject field of any mail message.

Contact the Janet Service Desk to:

  • register to use the Janet Primary Nameserver Service
  • change resource records in your DNS zones
  • request web administration account for PNS hosted domain
  • change the contact details we have for your organisation
  • comment, ask questions or make complaints about the way the service works, the level of service received, or the documentation for the service.

Fault reporting

If an organisation believes that their e-mail or web services are not working properly, it is strongly recommended that they contact their service provider in the first instance, to help diagnose exactly where the problem lies. In the case of FE colleges, this will be the corresponding Regional Support Centre (RSC). Otherwise contact the Janet Service Desk if:

  • you see errors in your domains or reverse zones
  • there is an incorrect zone delegation (details of secondary nameserver etc)
  • you have some emergency, such as a need to immediately update a resource record
  • one of your domains seems to be unavailable
  • there is inconsistency between primary and secondary nameservers.