Joining Organisations Welcome Pack

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eduroam(UK) Members Joining Pack

Thank you for registering with eduroam(UK), we hope you will be soon able to offer an operational eduroam service at your organisation, whether Home (IdP) or a Visited (SP).

Induction to the eduroam(UK) Service

With the introduction of the new eduroam(UK) Support server(*) it has been found that the previous practice of arranging an induction call with all new joiners is no longer necessary. The aim of the induction was to show new members around the old support server interface and answer any questions they might have. The completely reworked the support server is now a lot more intuitive, plus it offers integrated help (blue question marks in top right corner of cards). A presentation introducting the new Support server has been put together, see documentation list below. We also found that members usually have questions once they have started with their deployment rather than at the point of induction and before they have even had a look at the support server.

If after having had a look at the starter pack and the Support server portal you have questions, you can e-mail these directly to to raise a ticket and we will provide answers. You can also arrange for an induction call by emailing the same address.

(*) The eduroam(UK) Support site is the portal by which you not only inform us of the details of your RADIUS servers (thus enabling the support to generate the shared secrets required to allow your RADIUS servers to peer with the NRPS,) but also provides remote and local testing functions, monitoring of your service and it enables you to assert the operational details of your service.


Please follow links below to key material:

  • Implementation Roadmap – the key step-by-step implementation guide, which includes links to external sources ( confluence wiki, FreeRADIUS, Microsoft sites etc)
  • eduroam Fundamentals and Implementing eduroam training course workbooks – you should have copies from your training courses, otherwise if registered for Edlab you’ll find these at  in the ‘Course – eduroam Fundamentals’ and ‘Course – Implementing eduroam’ Rooms
  • Test facilities – see section 15 for ORPS connectivity, authentication and forwarding tests
  • The eduroam sites map UK – graphical representation and pop-up information about where individuals can use eduroam in the UK