Implementing eduroam Roadmap

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Part 1 - sections 1 - 9

  1. Concepts and terminology
  2. Deciding your service type and planning your eduroam implementation
  3. Choose an appropriate RADIUS server platform
  4. Joining eduroam(UK) and selecting your realm
  5. The eduroam Support Server website; input organisation/site details, realm name, test account
  6. Install your RADIUS Server (ORPS)
  7. Acquire server certificate for ORPS/NAS
  8. Firewall configuration to permit RADIUS servers to work with NRPS

Part 2 - sections 10 - 15

  1. Add your ORPS to the eduroam(UK) RADIUS Infrastructure via support website and acquire your shared secrets
  2. RADIUS server proxying configuration and attributes filtering
  3. Wi-Fi service and establishment of a VLAN/network service for eduroam
  4. Firewall configuration to support eduroam network service
  5. RADIUS server software configuration and interoperation with user database
  6. DNS Name Server Configuration

Part 3 - sections 16 - 22

  1. Test facilities on eduroam Support Server / Visitor Test / Testing a new ORPS
  2. RADIUS server log keeping and interpretation of logs
  3. Monitoring your own service
  4. Workstation/Laptop Setup/MS Vista issue
  5. Q.A. test of your eduroam implementation
  6. Promote eduroam at your organisation - your eduroam web site
  7. Keep your configuration details data on the eduroam Support server up to date
  8. Planning Ahead and Developing your eduroam Implementation