Using eduroam Support site; Connecting to the NRPS; User on-boarding – CAT

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Updated: 12/04/2024

There are two main online tools provided for eduroam system administrators:

  • eduroam Support Server
  • eduroam CAT

This document is intended for the system administrators at member organisations and provides an introduction to using the eduroam(UK) Support site together with an introduction to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool and a guide to getting started with the eduroam CAT site.

Using eduroam Support site; Connecting to the NRPS; User on-boarding – CAT pdf >

Using Support Server video guides >

What is the support server:
How to navigate it:
Setting up a visited service:
Setting up a home service:

A note about logging in to CAT:

To access CAT you will need an account. This can be requested from eduroam(UK) by clicking on the 'eduroam CAT [Join] button on the Configure page in the Organisation Setting panel on your eduroam(UK) Support Server Configure page. Alternatively, send a request to us via an e-mail to Account setup involves account creation on CAT, a welcome e-mail containing a single use token and authentication of yourself via your organisation's simpleSAML SSO or via a social network such as facebook, linkedin, google. 

If, like most admins, you wish to use your organisation's SSO / federated access system, your service will need to provide to the eduroam CAT SP entityID one of the following:  

eduPersonTargetedID, Subject-id, Pairwise-id

All three are accepted, with no one attribute preferred over another at this time. The attributes are checked for presence (and used when a value is found) in this order: eduPersonTargetedID, pairwise-id, subject-id. information:


urn:oid: (eduPersonTargetedID)


urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.241 (displayName)

urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 (mail)


SAML 2.0

SAML 1.1

For guidance on enabling these attribute(s) released or transitioning from one unique identifier to another should consult with your National Roaming Operator and/or IdP software provider. 

Logging in to CAT - to log in to CAT, from the 'Manage' tab on the menu bar, select 'eduroam admin access' from the drop down list. You will be automatically sent to the eduroam Support Services' federated login service. This login service does not work with site-specific usernames and passwords, instead you are presented with a list of sources of identity. Choose any organisation that you have an account with:

eduGAIN: many universities across Europe have already joined the educational Global Authorisation Infrastructure - if your organisation is among them, click on that institution and authenticate with your home organisation's usual web login credentials.