11 January 2017 at 10:48am
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There are a few open-source gatekeeper implementations available on the Internet. This one was selected as it appears to be the most mature, and also because it has been tested at a limited number of Universities in the UK (and overseas) and has been found to inter-work with the GDS. The source code and the binary executables for a number of operating systems are available at:
The test Cisco® gatekeeper was a Cisco® MCM, running on a Cisco® 3662 router, using Cisco IOS® version 12.2(17). Gatekeeper configuration should be done by persons with experience of the Cisco® Command Line Interface, if possible. Gatekeeper configuration Enter gatekeeper configuration mode Before entering commands it is necessary to be at the correct administration level. This is reached by logging on to the router running the gatekeeper software, and entering the following commands:
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