5 December 2013 at 4:09pm
You can call CSIRT for help   If you suspect that your institution is suffering from a DDoS attack you can call on Janet CSIRT for assistance. We can help you understand and analyse the traffic, and in most cases can work with our network operations centre and transit partners to filter traffic. Where possible we work with other network providers to eliminate the sources of the attack.  
Resilience Imagine the repercussions of a simple website failure, and now imagine that failure happening during a student recruitment campaign or ‘clearing’. The difference between a simple IT ‘incident’ and what the organisation may define as a ‘disaster’ become very blurred.
29 October 2013 at 11:06am
Following on from our messages and briefing at the start of the year, DDOS attacks are continuing to occur at a greater frequency than they have in previous years. We have been working to assist affected customers when they happen. Many of the attacks make use of unauthenticated UDP based services to reflect and amplify traffic against the chosen target. Open DNS resolvers (53/udp) and increasingly CHARGEN (19/udp) are the two most abused services. It's not unusual to see attacks in the order of 10Gb/s.
This is the response of Jisc Collections and Janet Ltd, trading as Janet, to Nominet’s consultation on registration of second level domain names. Janet is the registry for the .ac.uk subdomain and also operates .gov.uk on behalf of the Cabinet Office.
The Domain Name System (DNS) allows a computer presented with a textual name to convert or map it to the numeric IP address of another computer with which it needs to communicate, say to fetch a web page or deliver an e-mail. The process is called DNS resolution.
View Domains Filter Here you can narrow down the list of domains on show, by filtering by the status of the domain, or search for a specific domain. Request Domain ISP Organisation Choose which ISP organisation or account this domain will be maintained by. Domain Prefix The domain name without the suffix (eg .ac.uk, or .gov.uk)
This response is structured around the questions in Nominet's consultation paper: 1. Should Nominet have an abuse policy and would creation of one be in line with its vision of making the internet a trusted space? [section1, and section 2(a)]  
Template for Requesting Modification to a Domain Name under ac.uk/gov.uk/gov.scot/gov.wales/llyw.cymru Version 6.0 - May 2018 Please copy and paste the below template into the body of an email, and send the completed template to - domains@jisc.ac.uk Jisc customers and approved registrars can request modifications via our Domain Registry Portal. domain name: [domain name to be modified]
Policy For The urn:mace:ac.uk Namespace Version 1.0, 5th January 2004 Introduction
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