secondary nameserver

24 June 2014 at 1:52pm
When providing DNS nameserver services a degree of redundancy is needed. In most cases the DNS records for a particular domain will be hosted by at least two nameservers, but is that enough by itself? When building a resilient system the risks involved with the failure modes of the system need to be considered and weighed up against the associated costs and overheads. As a common example - does having both DNS servers on the same local network segment provide you with protection against network failure? Probably not.
All Janet services are governed by the Janet policies. As a minimum, Janet recommends that you run your primary nameserver within your organisation, and use a secondary off-site. Many organisations connected to Janet have reciprocal arrangements regarding the provision of off-site secondary nameservers, but if that is not suitable then Janet can arrange for the Janet Network Operations and Service Centre to provide this service for you.
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